Hand built Wagon Model Kit’s



My Handmade kits are hand built from construction to painting to weathering to numbering and detailing. No one wagon is the same. You state what condition you want them in and in 7 days your wagon or rake of wagon( a whole rake of 14 takes about 2 weeks from start to finish). Other numbers required can be discussed at placement of order. The price stated includes the post offices postage rate of £2.95 each.


21 Tonne Hopper individually numbered and weatherd for 00 gauge 4mm includes postage


This is a Parkside Dundas 21ton hopper kit is hand built and in a rather used and weathered condition as they were  towards the end of their lives in the 80,s. The model is individually numbered painted and weathered carrying an ore load. In Stock £18.00p each includes postage only got 6 of these.


This is a 6 wheeled Taunton Cider Wagon hand painted and individually numbered includes postage and packaging.



This is a 6 wheeled tanker depicting the courage directors bitter logo individually numbered includes packaging and posting.



Again this 6 whell tanker depicts the courage best bitter logo individually munbered includes packaging and posting.
















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