Watercress Line Wagon Group Page

This page is not part of my Company but a group of Retired folks that work on the Watercress Line in Hampshire that restore and maintain the preserved railways good wagons.

And do a smashing job.

To Purchase the items on this page you will need to contact Brian Chipping.


2 Used Hornby 00 gauge HAA wagons with loads running Nos 355760&325556 £9.00 the pair plus £4.00 p&p
Bachmann 32-600 Class 220 Virgin Voyager (non tilt) DEMU ”Maiden Voyager” compromising of tw0 drive coaches and 2 centre coaches in original boxes and a large storage box £80.00 plus £10.00 p&p.
Used in good condition Hornby BY (Van C) renumbered to S653S representing the vehicle operating on the Watercress Line in Hampshire. £20.00 including post within the UK.
Corgi AEC regal Coach Grey Green almost in new condition with original box ref 12201 £11.00 plus £5.00 P&P.
EFG Black & White Harrington Coach all most in new condition with original box ref 12201 £10.00 plus £5 P&P
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