Watercress Line Wagon Group Sales Page

This page is for the Watercress Line Wagon Group whose wagon stock I build in model form. This is a group of mostly retired people who are restoring the goods wagon on the railway. They also produce limited edition runs of wagons each year to raise funds for the group and restoration of the wagon stock.

The Mid Hants Railway Wagon Group introduced earlier this year (2021) the 5 plank open wagon. This wagon includes a coal load and the wagon is painted Blue and Yellow with the name ”Sayers Cox” an original coal merchants base in Alton Hampshire. The Model Comes Complete with a limited edition description card with Certificate number and are available in running numbers 1 and 4.

The price is £15.00 per wagon plus £5.00 p&p for 1 or 2 wagons.

You can purchase these wagons by Contacting Brian at


for further details.

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