This is my Gallery Page showing pictures some of the many projects I have completed for customers and photos from customers who have used my resin products or scenics.

Another Batch of planters showing brick and wood from Jane AB FAB! And apologies for putting the wrong name OOPs! a bloke thing as well as old age but they are still Fab!!
This picture shows my hand cast resin brick troughs decorated and planted many thanks to Julie in Wales for her continued support and a proper job made too!!
Another shot from Julie again showing filled Brick planters.
Another image from Julie showing the planter tubs decorated and in situ they look great
Again another picture of the planter tubs decorated and in situ
A 21 Ton mineral wagon weathered to a poor state one of two wagons completed
An old unused Banana wagon converted to use as a Barrier Wagon or Shock van
This Salmon Wagon is based on a Paul Bartlett photo dated 1969 10 of these were made for the customer all the containers were individually numbered. The Containers were designed and built by me to actual drawings.

These 00 Gauge half barrel planters the customer wanted 20 which I built for her platforms.
This is a 47ft Salmon wagon with 3 20ft hand built containers all individually numbered and weighted. The wagon is also weighted to aid better running.
This was a run of 16 wagons for a customer these were the dapol 6 wheel tankers but to aid better running the centre axle is drilled and the wagon weighted to aid running.
This is a B type tanker weathered as per the customer spec 12 of these were produced again the wagon is weighted to aid running.
Again a B type tanker in a slightly weathered condition the wagon is weighted to aid running 26 0f these were produced for a customer
Again same customer 16 of these were produced and the wagon is again weighted.
This is a scratch built low relief warehouse in 00 Gauge
Again same customer a modern image factory unit in 00 Gauge scratch built.
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