Modellers Gallery

This is a new or changed page showing Photos from customers who have used my resin products or scenics and pictures of their layouts.

The main thing with this page is really to show off the modellers skills in the production of their layouts and ideas and will hopefully impress the next generation modeller or those of you who are new to the hobby and are looking for ideas.

Here’s a video of Gary’s N Gauge layout showing my N gauge stone walling on a superb layout in the making! also his winning layout video of the WWS Diorama.

Gary’s award winning layout using my stone walling Excellent Job!!
A Picture from Abi Showing my flower tufts in use on Her rather excellent Diorama
A Scene Showing the Band Stand
The Bus waiting to cross the Line
A brilliant scenic canal scene
Wouldn’t be a layout without the Pub scene
A scene showing the detailed canal and general scenics
A general scene of the railway
A Scene showing the platforms and Town
A very detailed back garden scene
The goods Shed
First Picture from Peter showing the barrels on his lockdown layout.
Another shot from Peter showing painted litter bin and plant trough.
Some more troughs and a litter bin
Another shot from Peter showing decorated plant troughs all superbly done.
Another Batch of planters showing brick and wood from Jane AB FAB! And apologies for putting the wrong name OOPs! a bloke thing as well as old age but they are still Fab!!
This picture shows my hand cast resin brick troughs decorated and planted many thanks to Julie in Wales for her continued support and a proper job made too!!
Another shot from Julie again showing filled Brick planters.
Another image from Julie showing the planter tubs decorated and in situ they look great
Again another picture of the planter tubs decorated and in situ
Cals layout under construction showing my even stone walling in situ
2nd image of Cals layout showing walling in place
A Farm Scene from Tony
A Veggy patch scene again from Tony
The Classic Signal box Shot from Tony’s layout
A Busy industrial coal scene from Tony
Same scene different angle
A scene from Tony and Angela’s latest project.
Some scenes from Tony and Angela’s latest project.
Another example of great Modelling.
My N Gauge stone walling painted and in situ great bit of painting Gary an inspiration to us all!
Great shot of the walling in-between tress look at the foliage detail
The local bus winding its way through the countryside all great shots from Gary.
My 3d printed crates superb decoration by Ian
My 3d printed pallet milk churn oil drum and barrel again superbly painted by Ian.
Another superbly detailed mini scene by Ian
More from Jane showing my original planters but also my new round 3d printed planters Stunning!
A scene from Dave’s military layout showing the use of my custom printed sized sacks barrels crates a great paint job
Another shot of Dave’s Military yard
Another use for my 0 t0 1mm ballast met Jim at the Farnham Show laying the ballast around Cacti
Ballast Blended into the plants
Same shot different angle looks great and who would have thought Brilliant.
Another shot from J showing the cactus an ballast in a glass
Met Ian at the Newbury Exhibition and just had to put some examples of his work on this gallery they are excellent showing great skill and attention to detail.

Another Shot from Ian
Note the use of blended colours and vegetation.
Met Mikhail at the Tollworth Show Showing a great Autumnal Japanese N Gauge Layout.
another shot of the scenic bend.
A New shot of the cactus using the 0mm to 1mm ballast
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