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Hi All now the weather is finally getting warmer the printers are rattling away producing some nice stock. Started working on my fantasy model bases range and there is quite a bit to do as well as building wagons and building commissions so keeping me out of trouble. Also Baking cakes for the Watercress line as I worked their for a while and in a past life I was a Pastry Chef so I do a range of cakes and bakes for them. Built up a bit of a cake following as they seem to enjoy them.

Plus I find not only modelling a good stress buster but also baking.

Look out on the site for new additions as their is quite a lot of new stuff going on the site

Cheers for now off to feed the cats as they are hovering in the cave


With the cold weather at the moment due to the sudden cost of electricity trying not to put the heaters on in my hobby house to warm it up to run the printers so boxing clever and running them on the warmer days which seems to be working.


A weeks gone since the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Model Railway Society Annual Show Last weekend and what a success I was on the carparking and volumes of visitors leaving on both days commented on how good the exhibition was which was great.

Also changed by popular demand the grammage on some of the flocks as customers want more. I’m still developing the flock thing so please bear with recipes are all moving in the right direction just a lot of tweaking going on.

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