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As two of my printers decided enough was enough mind you they were little workhorses. The 3 new printers finally arrived one running and the other two will need bedding in. Shut down for a well deserved break in Jan 23 to Feb 23 so will not be accepting or dispatching orders from 18/01/23 to 10/02/23. Off to the land of the silver Fern for a holiday and Family Wedding and a break in hopefully the sunshine.

Cheers All


Tollworth Exhibition all done met some great new customers and some old. So thats it for 2022 got to make more stock as over the exhibitions have drained all my stock.


Newbury Exhibition all done and a great success. Lots of new customers and old which were good to see again after so long.


Winding up for the Newbury Exhibition and at the same time getting ready for the big one at Tolworth which I haven’t done before so looking forward to it.

Need to make a couple of changes to my stand but all looking good with lots of new lines.


Excellent time at the Farnham Exhibition. Good to see some of my previous Customers and a lot of new Customers. Also some great layouts exhibited. So Newbury next which I have not attended since pre COVID so hoping to have a good exhibition.


Spent the last 6 weeks painting a large Warhammer Orc army and just about finished only the bases to paint. You can see all of them on the fantasy modelling page.

Not running the printers until Wednesday as it now too hot.

But lots of new products on the go. So keep an eye on the New for 22 page.


Now its getting warmer 3d printers rattling away with production but as well as the cold effecting printing so does excessive heat so again watching the temperatures especially after midday.

Lots of new items coming up soon so watch the New Products for 2022 page.

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