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New Forest Exhibition completed and what a great weekend. All the Club Members where so accommodating and friendly. Met lots of new customers. Also lots of follow on orders and wagon commissions in all a great weekend. Next Exhibition not until October so will be printing casting and making over the summer. Also a range of new flock colours and clump foliage.

Also a new bit for the website custom made trees and heddges.

Cheers all


Printers Rattling casting like mad for the New Forest Model Exhibition this coming weekend now got some decent temperatures making the most of the weather. New products coming including small chickens, pig, horses, sheep, goats deffo on the boil.

Cheers Ian


Finally getting some good temperatures so can run the printers. Trees half done been practicing so getting their. Unfortunately the Army painter range has gone up I suppose it had to happen but if you want a lot then contact me for a bit more off. Two weeks today will be back from The New Forest Exhibition at Brockenhurst. This is a new one for me but I love Dorset and the Guys I met at the Portsmouth exhibition where really nice.


Due to popular demand & inquiries I’m going back to making trees as this is were I started all those years ago. So keep an eye out on the new for 23 page. I am going to make some stock but mainly made too order as no layout, battle board are the same with regard to season and height. I am working on the new trees and hedges page and going to make some new coloured flocks for sale on the website.


Back two weeks ago from the land of the silver fern, Japan and San Francisco what a great time. Straight back into an exhibition at Portsmouth. Which went well and picked up two more exhibitions and some new customers. So in all a good weekend. Too cold to run the printers at the moment although stock levels seem ok. So back to Modelling and working on the new stuff for 2023 so keep an eye on the page.

Cheers All

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