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Many thanks to all the previous & returning customers and the new ones, was really busy online yesterday. Had to stop selling Humbrol paints as I was selling it per pot for £1.65 but the postage alone was £3.08.


I am now open with the aim to post once per week on a Wednesday as I am a one person operation and am classed as vulnerable.


Deffo opening on Tuesday 26th May 20, casting new resin products at the moment and making new foam flock colours ready for the end of the month.


Looking at the Government briefing I at the moment intend on opening and taking orders on the site on Tuesday 26th May 2020 at the moment but waiting for the Government announcemet this coming Sunday. At the moment editing and working on the scenics page and scenic flock page. Lots of new hand cast resin items to go on the site next week. Hope you are all safe.


Static grass back up apart from 12mm (Sold out) and a few bits to add like the 1mm grass. Thankyou to all the Customers that have contacted me regards the current situation and your patience.


Hi all and welcome if you are just browsing Julie has sent another picture of the painted and decorated planters you can see it in the Gallery. I’ve taken down the static grass page as I started work on updating it yesterday and it will be up again friday 01 05 20 for purusal stay safe all.


Have extended the store closure until Monday 11th May taking the goverments advice. Plus my local post office I use is now shut until it is deemed safe to reopen.


Paint brushes, humbrol paints, army painter paints all updated the next job is the scenics. Also done a mega spring clean of my hobby house so as I can catalogue and move all my stock into it. To all my Customers old and new be safe in this difficult time. I am classed in the vunerabal categgory so apologies but cant get to the post office to post items.

But the site is open for purusing but not for purchasing and any order that comes in will receive a full refund until such times as we are given the all clear or it is deemed safe to go out.

I have started counting all my stock and sorting out new items to go on the website. I did not realise I had so much so going to take a while.

Been on it in the workshop making new moulds and am thinking of making Fantasy modelling scenery.

Thanks to Julie from Wales who has sent a couple of photos of my resin cast brick trough planters in situ on her layout many thanks and they look superb!! You can see the photos on the gallery page.

Apologies to Julie I have just found the images of the planter tubs I sent her and they look again superb in situ.

Someone recently asked me are my own products made or manufactured in the UK well the answer is yes from resin casting 3 D printing to tree making. However I am starting to stock the German ranges of scenics as I used them when I lived in Germany and I personally think that they are of a really excellent standard and still use them myself on my layout.

Cheers All and please stay safe


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