Who Am I?

My Name is Ian Plumridge and I have been Railway and general modelling in 00 Gauge 4mm H0 since 1970. All throughout my life I  have been involved with modelling especially railway modelling. I started my current layout in 1987 and am still tinkering with it , it is my labour of love look at Pendon!

Having to retire from full time work in January 2018 I decided that I needed to do something so I chose to turn my hobby into my business. I have turned my garage into a little workshop and my Sons old room into my design and build cave.

Pictures of my resin casting area of my workshop.

This is the other part of my workshop were I store some of the resin cast items and were I weigh up and pack my ballast.

I also have my Hobby house at the bottom of my garden were my layout lives and I have my 3d printers.

A customer asked is all my produce made in the UK well the answer is yes as much as possible and I will only sell produce from other small producers that I use myself and can recommend its use. But after living in Germany for a few years I did and still use the German range of scenics as I think they are superb in manufacture and detail, that’s why I stock and highly recommend them.

Cheers & Happy Modelling!!


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