Weathering Items

Most rolling stock gets dirty or dusty and is only clean the day it is rolled into service. I can weather your rolling stock to any standard you want for a fixed price per item.

The way it works is you send me your wagons with all your details and your contact number then I ring you and we discuss to what level you want them weathered or even renumbered (usually per item as they are all weathered to different patterns etc.

Every wagon is weathered in a different way so know one wagon is the same.

I then issue an invoice and respectfully ask that you pay the balance when I have completed the work then I post them back to you by tracked courier insured.

For example;

All items renumbered @ £5.75 per wagon, carriage, Loco’s, both sides including removal of old number, number sheet transfers. Return postage at cost. (see delivery costs below).

Or I can custom number items making up your own numbers etc using my drawing software as I do on the military wagon and freightliner containers containers and special built wagons ie distillery wagons or customised factory names numbers etc there is no artwork charge and the cost per item of stock is £5.75.

Their are 3 Levels of Weathering They Are;

All wagon Stock Light 2.75 per wagon Medium 3.50 per wagon Heavy 4.10 per wagon.

All Coaching Stock Light 2.75 per coach Medium 3.80 per coach Heavy 4.25 per coach.

All Steam Engine stock Light 2.75 per engine Medium 3.75 per engine Heavy 4.50 per engine.

All Diesel Stock Light 2.75 per engine Medium 3.75 per engine Heavy4.50 per engine.


Weights up to 1 kg £2.99

Weights from 1 kg to 2 kg £4.34

Weights from 2 kg to 5 kg £5.86

Weight From 5 kg to 10 kg £6.36

There is no packaging fee.

All are returned sent and tracked by Courier insured.

Some example pictures shown below;

New project Before
New Project Before
After Weathering
After weathering
After weathering
After weathering
After Weathering
After Weathering
A 21ton hopper heavily weathered.

A weathered Regent B type tanker.
A 10 ton banana van to be used as a barrier wagon.
An 0 Gauge pannier tank loco with medium weathering.
20 ton B type tanker lightly weathered.
A 21 ton wagon heavily weathered.
Two War Department N gauge wagons one heavily weathered, the other one lightly weathered.
This medium weathered tender belongs to a really nice customer based up in Norfolk.
Same tender just buffer beam view
Same customer different tender heavily weathered.
Same tender as above but back view.
Same order but a medium weathered Loco body also a number change.
same as above but a buffer beam view.
A lightly weathered respray from green also recrested and renumbered.
Same as above with buffer beam view
This loco has been heavily weathered probably used at the end of the steam era.
Again the heavily weathered loco but the interesting thing was when researching that the buffer beams were always no matter what state the loco kept in good or moderate order.
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